Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Month, A New Mission - NaBloPoMo

I seem to post sporadically when we're home. It's not that I lack for ideas or events or items of interest in our everyday lives. Rather, I'm trying to live that life while not being distracted by this electronic time suck "invented" by Al. I think it's part of my mission to learn to balance life. (I still live in hope that the old saying about old dogs and new tricks just ain't true.) I also wonder sometimes who reads, if they really want to hear all this stuff, and what on Earth I'll talk to friends and family about when we DO get together if I've already posted all my good "talking points" online.

Oh, the quandaries of modern life. How did our great-great grandparents LIVE without the freakin' internet? (Oh, right, they lived long, healthy lives involving fresh air, decent bedtimes and social gatherings that didn't involve any twittering...except perhaps in the hay barn on occasion.)

So why bother blogging at all, you ask? The glowing screen is just so enticing sometimes, and with no cable in our household, the glowing screen in my life is the flat-panel siren atop my task-littered desk. And as I've noted in at least one past post, I'm an obsessive writer. I think Mo said it best, "I tried not to write, but nothin' happened."

(Well, he actually said --------------------->
So this year, as part of National Blog Posting Month (a cheap, but still entertaining, imitation of National Novel Writing Month) I'll try to balance a bit differently. I WILL post daily, but I won't promise long entries. Heck, I won't even promise decipherable entries! I may not even be the AUTHOR! Ve haf vays...

I'm sure my mom would like me to focus on the novel part rather than the blog part. (What writer's mother wouldn't?) But "obsessiveness" and "writing" can't coexist in 10-minute increments. And unless I also commit to staying up 'til all hours every night ('cause what obsessive wouldn't do it EVERY night), it's not going to happen at this juncture. (Thank you, George, for introducing THAT phrase to my life...still can't say it without channeling a bit of Church Lady.)


  1. Oh I like this better, I was going to do NaNoWri - SO want to but time, oh time, not enough of that! Haven't blogged in months - again, that time thing....need to get myself back on track - thanks for the push :)

  2. Since I don't get to gather with you guys nearly as often as I'd like, I'll HAPPILY continue to receive your finest 'talking points' via the blog! And, really, I'm sure that there's still plenty to talk about when you and the others get together, too. Use it as a pacifier for the obsessive writing need, and keep on typing!

  3. Good luck with NaNoWrMo -- D. and E. have done it -- it was disappointing when November came around and both kids are immersed in junior college classes.

    Happy writing!


    p.s. twittering in the hay barn -- funny!


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