Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blogging Honors

Wow, what a surprise this morning to receive an e-mail from The Homeschool Post notifying me that this blog, my blog, has been nominated for its Sixth Annual Homeschool Blog Awards! It seems anyone is invited to nominate a blog, and, now that voting is open, anyone may vote.

There are some pretty fantastic blogs out there these days representing myriad voices which, until the internet came along with its clackety keyboard and 24-hour availability, went largely unheard. While I prefer to cuddle with a good book, I confess I find myself reading the glowing screen with increasing frequency. So much to learn, to enjoy, to peruse, all with the ease of a few relaxing keystrokes.

I have plans for this blog, plans to reorganize, plans to write more consistently, plans for giveaways and further reviews. They're somewhere right in there with keeping up with homeschooling plans, family plans, offline writing projects, volunteer commitments and personal fitness. Meanwhile, I'm glad to know readers are enjoying my take on the world.

Thank you for the honor.


  1. Easy to vote -- didn't even have to register. Good luck!

  2. You deserve it...you are a awesome journalist!!

  3. I am consistently amazed and the quantity... and QUALITY of what you post. You deserve the accolades. :o)


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