Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Really, these things don't just happen to me. I'm just willing to share them! :)

This morning, I opened our fresh, kosher turkey purchased Tuesday only to discover it had a TERRIBLE smell. I checked online and found that sometimes these plastic-encased birds do build up a smell in transit in the bag. "Let it air out for awhile."

So I did.

I made the stuffing, and prepared the other sides for the oven while it aired. Meanwhile, each family member in turn ventured into the kitchen as they woke. EVERY SINGLE ONE commented on the smell. Something was definitely wrong.

But it didn't smell like ROTTEn meat in the trash.

I stuffed it anyhow.

Then I put it in the oven.


Add heat to a questionable bird and you quickly exacerbate the problem.

Within half an hour, the bird was in the trash (sob) and I was running down to the local market in hopes of salvaging my favorite meal of the year.

I don't typically shop on holidays. I feel bad for the employees so don't support the businesses that force their employees to skip family days. Today, however, I was grateful they were there. THANK you, local store, for saving the day.

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