Friday, November 26, 2010

The Human Face - film and experiment

We watched The Human Face (TV mini-series 2001) - IMDb a few years ago, but V didn't remember it at all when we started talking about it last week. E's memories were scant. So today, leftover Thanksgiving dinner in hand, house prepped for decorating tomorrow, we sat down to take in the first episode.

Narrated by John Cleese,the made-for-television series is both informative and entertaining. Save a few outbursts here and there, it's good for the whole family. The accents (Indian and British) may be difficult for some, and some medical terminology in particular may go over children's heads. But they'll still understand the gist of it - the value of human, face-to-face interaction.

This afternoon we're headed out for errands. We're going to experiment based on our learnings today. The plan: smile at everyone we see (random strangers and friends alike) and calculate the percentage who respond in kind.

Even if you don't have a chance to see the film, consider conducting your own similar experiment. I'd love to hear your findings.

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