Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knowing When to Quit

When I travel and lose my way, I tend to forge ahead for awhile, but it's not uncommon for me to turn back just blocks from my intended destination, unsure whether the path I've chosen is, indeed, the correct one. I seek local advice, then turn again toward my goal with an embarrassed smile as it becomes clear that, once again, if I'd just forged ahead I would have arrived as planned. But when you've lost your way, found it again, and are only somewhat certain you're on the right path, when should you pull back and ask for help, when should you forge ahead, and when should you just call it a day and head for home?

I'm there again, traveling down this path I've begun toward a destination I believe is attainable. But it wasn't long after beginning this summer journey that I realized I'd need some help to find my way. I've hit up everyone I know in my search for help in finding my way to the final destination, and our combined efforts have been working. We've moved closer and closer to our goal, until today. Today, we lost our way, despite all the help I've been able to muster. It seems we need more muscle than I've been able to garner. I'm sore, and bruised, and tired, but I'm not quite ready to quit the fight. Someone has to make it there. Why can't it be me?

Am I on the right path? Should I forge ahead? Or should I call it a day and head for home? How do YOU decide?

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  1. I say keep going, don't give up !!!!! Not now after all you(and help)have put into it.
    You never know when the other guy will give up and quit. and there you are ready to take over his spot. I think things will change the closer to the end it gets. lets hang on and enjoy the ride and see how it ends up.
    UT KP

  2. Well, I have been thinking and praying all day on just what to say, Jennifer, but here goes.

    I am sorry you are undergoing this disappointment in your life. This is also part of the future fabric of your life. In my experience, I have had many dream bubbles busted and can honestly say it has worked out for the best. I acknowledge that our Lord is in charge and must humbly, or otherwise, submit to his infinite wisdom in dealing with what is going on in my life. Not having done some of the things I was dreaming about was a disappointment at the time, but in looking back, I can see that the adventures I have been granted are more than a full plate and even today, there are new adventures we are about to go through as we approach another fork in the road. Right now you see that straight road ahead as in Montana or Utah, but there are forks ahead. Pray to our Lord to guide you in the travels ahead. He will do what he knows is BEST.

  3. Thanks, KP, for ALL of your help, and Ole for your kind thoughts and sage advice.

  4. I say keep forging ahead. You don't know me and I don't know you, but I've been voting for you every single day since you posted the need here on your blog. Because I like to do good things for other people and this is quite an easy way to help someone else out.

    Just keep reminding everyone to vote every single day.


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