Monday, July 5, 2010

Hosting an Extra Girl; SO Exciting!

This week, I feel especially honored to be hosting an extra girl in our household. My best friend from college has sent out her daughter for a week of adventure with us, and our girls couldn't be more thrilled.

We picked up B.B. from the airport yesterday midday before heading to a family celebration of Independence Day in Nipomo. B.B. fit right in with all the kids n' cousins as they ran from tree house to volleyball court to creek and back again until after dark.

E had done some research and prep work before B.B. arrived, so they began their day today making after-shower mist and sparkly skin gel. Both recipes required aloe vera gel, which we gathered from our plant in the backyard. You know, I've used aloe for decades, but I've never harvested it in quite that quantity. BOY, is that slimy stuff! Fresh from the plant it resembles, well, there's no really nice way to say it: mucous. Clear, sure, but slimy nonetheless. As they worked their way through the recipe it looked a lot to me like a science project including math, measuring and language arts. But it's summertime, so we won't tell the girls!

Our girls already had some things scheduled this week, so I figured we'd just include B.B. where possible. This afternoon, she enjoyed a horseback riding lesson - her first time riding without someone standing at the horse's head throughout. She was very nervous as we headed into the lesson, but the girls and I assured her their instructor knew what she was doing and that the horses were perfect for a beginner. It wasn't long before she had a huge smile on her face.

The evening was filled with trampoline play and drama productions produced by B.B. and E. (V wasn't interested in acting today.)

More updates to come!

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