Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Family Adventure Summer Hiking Series - Red Rocks Redux

When we visited Red Rocks swimmin' hole earlier this summer we knew we'd be back, so when B.B. arrived in town, this was a shoo in for a kid-friendly, sight-seeing outing. What a fantastic day: great weather, warm water, fantastic company!

We started the day with a carpool effort to manage some spare kids a friend of ours had for the day. The younger girls (ages 11 and under) were all in the van with me. What a fun drive! Giggles and jokes, chatter and, finally, miles of singing. What a great way to start the day! (By the way, we're super disappointed the extra kids are moving away - far, far away - but we know they'll excel in their new community. Always hate to see good kids moving away. Thanks for joining us today!)

Morning trailhead tally: 2 adults, 10 kids.The short walk to the swimming hole was much more dry than it was just a few weeks ago. Then we had to forge the creek crossings to get to our favored beach and hole. This week, it was dry footing all the way.

The swimming hole was deserted when we arrived - perfect! The kids barely slowed down long enough to take off their shoes and shirts before they were in the water, and it was just a few minutes later that the rock exploration and jumping began. And mid-morning, more of our friends added to the pool of kids. Mid-morning tally - 4 adults, 15 kids. By the time we left, we had 6 adults, 17 kids and no remaining food. Time to head for ice cream, then home.

See you all next week! Irish Hills, SLO.

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