Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grrr! Albertson's "organic" brand is misleading.

First, let's be clear. I'm an advocate for organic foods. They're our best choice not only for our health and the health of our families, but for sustainable agriculture in this ever-shrinking planet. But I have a bone to pick with a company that uses the "organic" label to entice customers into becoming their victims. Their misleading packaging calls into question all other claims they may have regarding the healthfulness of the food they sell.

Back in 2008, our neighborhood grocery store introduced its own brand of allegedly organic, healthy packaged food items from snacks to juices. I've checked out a few of the products, but I'm SO glad I've learned to read labels; not just the pretty packaging, but the nitty gritty. Every time I've taken the time to read the packaging on this brand, I've been disappointed. You see, I believe if you're going to label something as a certain item it should actually BE that item.

Case in point, this morning's discovery that the convenient little juice packages clearly labeled "grape" actually don't include grape juice! That's right! Sure, the ingredients listed are alleged to be organic, but what ARE the ingredients in Wild Harvest Grape Juice? Cane sugar, pear juice, "natural flavors," but not a single mention of a grape of any sort.

That, of course, drove me to question their other flavors, so I picked 'em up and read the labels. Sure enough, they're all pear juice with "natural flavors." E has been asking where she can find pear juice to drink. Looks like we'll just shop for grape juice and call it pear; or we'll just keep smashing pears and making our own. At least then we'll know for certain that the beverage we call pear juice actually contains pears.

How can we trust that you, indeed, are providing organic goods when you can't even get the name of the product right? Please, if you're going to market a healthy product to us, just be honest. WHAT is it? Is it pear juice with other flavors? Then CALL it that! Don't force us to read that bloody tiny print in the nutritional information box.

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