Wednesday, September 5, 2012

San Luis Obispo County for Frequent Visitors

We all have goofy relatives somewhere. Mine happened to be here, helping us celebrate our new home, earlier this summer. I miss them already!

Aunt K and Cousin C always bring laughter with them wherever they go. When Aunt K and Uncle J joined us on our 2008 road trip, those were among our best miles along that 10,000-mile route. They rode their motorcycle clear from Utah to Oklahoma to pick up a camp trailer for the 'cycle, then into New Mexico and took advantage of our already-stocked (e.g. cook stove, dishes, pantry) trailer to make the trip home before we parted ways. Like that visit, full of fun and laughter around the campfire, K's and C's trip here reminded me again just what we're missing by not being neighbors. Sure wish the world wasn't such a big place sometimes.

This wasn't their first trip. There isn't a lot around here they haven't already seen if we don't count the backcountry. So we returned to some of our favorites: Spooners Cove at Montana de Oro State Park; Morro Rock and Morro Bay's beaches; a ride along Bob Jones Trail with a stop at the Labyrinth before turning around at Avila Pier; La Purisima Mission; downtown San Luis Obispo for Thursday Night Farmers' Market and a look at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. We also introduced a couple of new things to Aunt K - particularly the Renaissance Fair and the California missions.

Had we more time, I think C and I would have done a bit more exploring in the backcountry. She's an adventurous type, and I can see her and I hitting more trails and waterways next time she comes out. Time is limited, though, isn't it? Might have to explore HER hideaway before she makes it back here again. Alaska anyone?


  1. I Had such a wonderful visit this summer with all of you.
    I really enjoyed the mission day, And the Renaissance fair was great. I wasn't sure about it before we got there, but really had a good time. Thank you for all the new adventures.

  2. An Alaska adventure with the Bests has to come about sooner than later!


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