Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy-ish Apple Treats and Bacon Pancakes

I miss making fun food for the girls. I think one of the saddest things about kids growing up is that they don't remember all the fun things we did for them when they were little and easily entertained. Making fun snacks was one of them.

Thankfully, I'm surrounded by inspiring people. Recently, one of my aunts has been sharing some fun food ideas. I'm sure she means to get to them herself, but they've been sending me running for the kitchen to prep the treats for the girls. OK. And myself as well.

 The girls, who often pull together their own lunches these days, enjoyed these treats. The bacon in the pancakes was a little tough to cut, but a sharp knife did the trick. Not sure I'll go with it again, but we'll see.

To make the bacon pancakes, cook your bacon however you like it (baked, in the pan or in the microwave if you must). Once your pancake pan is hot (for us, this was the same pan in which I'd cooked the bacon), lay down a piece of bacon (or more, or crumbles, whathaveyou), pour the batter over the top and cook your pancake as usual with one flip once the bubbles in the batter begin to pop.
V liked the apple treats; particularly the presentation. They were easy to make, and required only what we had in the house. Were they entirely healthful? Well, they're not for the gluten-intolerant, those with peanut allergies or folks who think chocolate isn't one of the main food groups. But it's all relative, right?

To make the apple treats, simply:
- CORE your apple
- SLICE the apple into rings
- SLATHER the apple with nut butter of your choosing - we used peanut butter, but I'd bet almond butter or sunflower seed butter would be fantastic as well.
- SPRINKLE on some granola (we used raw oatmeal)
- DROP on a few chocolate chips
- ENJOY open faced or sandwich peanut butter concoction with another piece of apple.

What are some of your favorite, fun, easy-to-prepare treats?

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