Thursday, September 6, 2012

Central Coast Renaissance Festival firsts

This wasn't our first rodeo, er, Renaissance experience, but it was for our visitors. They're very kind people and might not even mention it if they were offended, but I wonder what they REALLY thought of the bawdy women, the raucous men, and one particular woman who's nipples simply refused to be reined in by her bustiere.

E was thrilled with her father's purchase of her first corset, and she looked so sweet in it. V, given the option to purchase an item of costume clothing or a weapon, went for the weapon. The girl has a thing for knives, and animals, yet not hunting. Go figure.

As usual, it was hot and shade was in short supply, but Aunt K and I (neither of whom really enjoy the heat) managed, and we found some yummy lemonade with plenty of ice to help cool us.

Important tip: during jousting, it's not "cheek to wind," but "cheat to win" that the crowd is shouting.


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