Monday, September 3, 2012

Fourth of July Suburban-Style

Our children have never lived anywhere fireworks are legal. They've done sparklers at a relative's house in the country, watched an older cousin set off fireworks in front of his house elsewhere in California, watched them from the dunes in Washington and during the Havasu winter pyrotechnic convention display.

This year, with the move, the fireworks story is even more dire. There's no WAY we'll ever be able to do fireworks out in this brittle summer territory.

And so, another reason we're thankful to have friends who include us in their family fun. We returned to our old haunts to join in a BBQ and firework display with friends and (former) neighbors. (They ditched us first!) And we were all treated with the most amazing fireworks display the girls have ever seen on a public street. They had a blast and a half.

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