Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hitting the Main Stage - SLO Little Theatre

One of the great things about our move is that we're now closer to San Luis Obispo. We're not in town, which would be incredibly convenient, but we never could have afforded this kind of space anywhere on the cool side of Cuesta Grade, let alone nearer to SLO town. The girls have been taking full advantage of this opportunity to play in SLO, not the least of which was E's summer participation as a cast member in SLO Little Theatre's production of "Anne of Avonlea."

With the help of a scholarship from Grandpa, E enjoyed a crazy summer of classes (at Cuesta), dance (at a local dance company) AND the theater schedule. It was almost like a regular kid's school year. Full of activities, plenty of transit time and not a lot of time at home.

E thrived as "Charlotta the Fourth" in the presentation. The director, Shelagh Garren, was fantastically supportive of the kids while also putting on a top-rate performance. Honestly, I went into it figuring it would be a typical "kids production" complete with forgotten lines, giggles and peeking into the audience. NOT AT ALL the case! The actors used the entire stage, indeed the theater as a whole. There were lights and sounds and great performances by these young actors.

I knew it was her place when, in one scene, E, costumed and made up, joined hands with other actors to dance joyfully in a circle with her peers under the bright lights. It was a scene she's been rehearsing in our livingroom for a decade now. I'm not sure she was acting at that point, but she looked like she was in heaven.

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