Monday, October 17, 2011

Missing Mr. B

We dropped off Mr. B at the airport early this morning and have driven south to a Wi-Fi-friendly lunch spot to catch up with the internet (particularly blog n' photo uploads) on our way to camp. We're headed south along Florida's east coast toward the Florida Keys. For tonight, we'll stop midway down from Orlando at a state park, cutting our driving time and making for a simple day easing back into the camping life.

It's only been two hours, but I already miss Mr. B, and really want to turn for home. But we've made plans to visit friends and family on this southern stretch of the trip, and I also don't want to miss those opportunities which we likely won't have again anytime in the known future. So we'll stick with our plans, and be home in early November, and happier than ever to be there.

I know that sometimes Mr. B feels like he's just a sherpa to us all (don't so many dads and husbands?), but I really appreciated him sharing this week with us, holding my hand, encouraging us all along, and sharing All Things Mickey and Harry with us. And OF COURSE I appreciate his help holding things, carrying things, hooking up the trailer, parking the trailer, mediating between the girls and opening the occasional bottle I can't manage. I do a lot for myself, and I try not to ask for his help too often because I feel like he works hard to help us in every way he can - through his hours upon hours at work earning the living that sustains us all, and all the work he does at home. He is the hardest working man I know. So far be it from me to ask him to help when "I can do it myself."

Thank you, Mr. B, for coming all this way to share in the adventure, and for making the adventures here and at home all possible for us all.



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