Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Drizzly Day on Cape Cod

 Wasted most of our day today searching for internet access on Cape Cod. Went to a cute little coffee shop that assured us they had internet. Ordered coffee and lunch (soup, bagels, etc.) before learning that, in fact, their internet was so spotty even the lady who came in after us with the fancy new computer couldn't stay connected for 30 seconds. Then went to the chain donut shop where we were also assured (before ordering donuts we really didn't need) that the internet worked. My computer turns on VERY slowly, so I took the employee at her word. Bad call.

Finally gave up.

Then headed to the beaches; a MUCH better way to spend the day.

Started on Cape Cod Bay at low tide. Serene like a lake. Oyster cages above water. Hermit crabs galore. Leopard-spotted crabs. Green-algae-covered crabs. Tiny fish that looked like baby rock fish. The water was pretty warm, too.

Then out to the Atlantic side where the seals are GIANT and apparently social. I watched one follow a swimmer down the surfline, only to turn tail whenever she turned the seal's way to play in the waver. The water was cool, but warmer than our beaches near home. (I didn't feel the ice coursing through my veins as I waded.) Nice waves. E called the sand here "corn flour" sand. V was particularly happy here just playing in the sand. It was nice to see her big red truck back in action again.

While it was drizzling constantly, it was pretty warm (in the mid 70s) 'til sunset. Then back to our camp (state park).

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