Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dancing the Day Away with Lady Liberty and Ellis Island

Very tired tonight, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves. A beautiful day for a tour that provided mixed emotions as we further discussed our nation's history.

We got up early to catch the first ferry to Ellis Island. Somehow we lucked out and the place was nearly deserted. OK, there were probably hundreds of people there, but it was so very quiet, particularly in comparison with the crowds that once lined the halls here.We walked the museum, read signs, listened to recordings of people recalling their passage through the station, then stopped for lunch.

While we sat at the outside picnic tables, V demonstrated her special talent for catching birds. I may have started it by catching a duck while feeding at Waller Park some years ago, but V has taken it to new heights. She doesn't even have to give chase. Of course, the pigeons here are accustomed to visitors, but they steer clear enough of most hands and they're not exactly landing on your head. V, however, managed to catch one by reaching under our picnic table.

We had a lot of fun playing with Lady Liberty. The girls danced at her feet and, with the help of optical illusion provided by the camera, pretended to hold her in their hands, pinch her between their fingers.

We all enjoyed the ferry rides, and the weather was beautiful for a day on the water and in the parks. Unfortunately, the stairs up to Lady Liberty's crown were closed for the duration, so we didn't have the opportunity to rise to the top, but that shortfall did nothing to dampen our spirits.

E has danced her way across America throughout this trip. Just as she did in Kauai last year, dancing up and down the trails, in the mud, on the beach, in the sun and rain, throughout this trip she finds space to dance. Today, it was on the lawn at the museum while we awaited our ferry ride to Statue of Liberty. It's so fun to watch her spread her wings, move her body, explore her limits, all without a care in the world.

These are the days.

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  1. Wow you really must have been tired. No commentary. The photos really do say a lot. Thanks for keeping in touch this way. We really do love following along with you.
    It is very cold and rainy here this week here in the 40s, should even get some snow at least on the mountain tops and possibly the valley by the end of the week.
    love to you all.


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