Monday, October 10, 2011

Jamestown - worthy of a quick stop

Made it to Jamestown, Virginia today after crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, an incredible feat of engineering involving 23 miles of bridge in the middle of which drivers drop down into a mile-long tunnel.

I had considered the inland route through Baltimore, but this route saved us miles and travel with trail through a major metropolitan area. And with no time to stop and really enjoy the sites of the city, there was no point, really, in going that way. Though our trip may seem to be entirely without deadlines, we do, indeed, have some hard and fast deadlines, like picking Mr. B up at the airport, and being home in time to go to Washington for Thanksgiving with grandparents. It's probably a good thing we have some deadlines or we may never make it home again. So MUCH to see and experience and enjoy!

As for Jamestown, well, it's good for a quick stop, but a shame that the recreated village is not on the original site, and that the docents weren't all-too kid friendly. Not a lot of time to write today, but in summary: the museum is worth a stop; the nearby recreated ship was nice to tour, particularly the below decks to get some idea what the crossing may have been like; the village is worth a visit if you've never seen anything like it before - and don't go in costume even if you are an adorable kid. (No, I haven't shown up in period garb anywhere on this trip. It's the girls who enjoy dress up, particularly period dress for E.) Again, not well received.

We may have found the KOA to end all KOAs tonight: pool, laundry just across the drive from our trailer spot, lush, green, nice families camped nearby. I may never get the children off the bouncy dome!

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