Sunday, October 16, 2011

Driving, Driving and south to the Carolinas

Driving, driving, today was all about driving. After waking early and packing ourselves to the beach for sunrise breakfast on the sand (and some very easy seashell hunting), we hit the road and headed yet further south.

It’s a shame to pass through states so quickly, but with all those delays up north (an extra day here and there) even the removal of our proposed loop through Pennsylvania wasn’t enough to allow much of a visit in the Carolinas or Georgia.

We were slated to sleep in Georgia tonight, but the girls in particular are weary of “just a place to sleep” stops. We talked about our options (stop shortly after midday, sleep, then move on in the morning; or drive a couple of extra hours today, then stay two nights in once place tomorrow) and they voted for moving ahead. SO…on to St. Augustine it is.

After our really pleasant experience at the Williamsburg KOA, I thought we’d go for another KOA experience down here. (Prior to Williamsburg, I’d never really had a nice KOA experience.) The girls looked forward to the pool, and I looked forward to giving them such a treat in our travels.

This KOA, however, is a real disappointment. It’s clearly an older such campground; the neighborhood surrounding it has grown to include very busy roads and shopping centers. The pool, also clearly aging, was not only unheated, but also green. And two of the three toilets on our end of the park are not functioning. Heaven forbid we have a morning rush on the bathroom. The touted WiFi also doesn’t work, so I have no idea when you’ll be getting this and other recent updates. Maybe the land of Mickey is up to par.

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