Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting The Cliffs - Na Pali

So sleepy! Keeping up with blog, photos and vacation is exhausting. So, I'll just post a quick note about our fantastic day on the Na Pali coast. We woke early to load with North Shore Charters. We were greeted by an absolutely beautiful, unseasonably flat sea. After a couple of hours cruising up the coast on a rigid inflatable boat (aka Zodiac), cruising in and out of sea caves, we were further rewarded with SPECTACULAR snorkeling in deep water off the Na Pali Coast. Mr. B and I took a similar tour 14 years ago, but found this snorkeling spot so murky that we thought the water was only a few feet deep. WELL! Turns out its an easy 30 feet deep! And today we could see clear to the bottom. With flippers (fins) loaned from the charter company and our own masks/snorkels/goggles, we were in hog heaven. (Note to self: next time, don't forget your fins at home.) It'll take a couple of days to get the film camera processed and back again, but I'll upload those photos then. Meanwhile:

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