Monday, October 11, 2010

Salt Ponds Beach: Where Surf Meets Shaker

After yesterday's tough hike, we opted to take it easy today. We met Grandma Lynn at a local tourist-centric shopping center, then headed in to Hanapepe to visit Talk Story, a locally owned used book store. I'd heard about the bookstore from another visitor who, after figuring out we homeschool, also assumed (correctly) that the girls must love to read. The bookstore is, indeed, quite good with not only a wide selection of books from kids' selections to subjects of particularly local interest, but also a well-informed, well-read, super-friendly owner and Celeste, the greeter cat. (Well, she's more of a counter ornament than a greeter, but a regular customer's dog served as official greeter upon our arrival.)

We parted ways with Grandma here. While she returned to her abode, we headed further west to Salt Pond Beach just out of Hanapepe town. The park is so named because of the clay ponds just out of the ocean's reach (most of the time) where salt producers have, for generations, extracted salt from sea water through a slow, painstaking process of drying in a very humid climate. While purported to be as child-friendly as Lydgate Park, we found the current MUCH stronger here. Still, the bay was beautiful, navigable, and warm. The girls found a friend within minutes in 6-year-old Malu, a local who was ever-so welcoming and playful. Mr. B found fish within minutes via his snorkel and a paddle out to the outer rim of the sea wall. The girls all had a great time together 'til sunset when we, too, went our separate ways.

And the kids' eye view:

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