Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kauaian Hospitality - WOW!

We've met the most fabulous people here! Tonight, as we were wrapping up our evening "at home," a local pulled up to the door. I'd met a crew on the beach as we were headed home to BBQ. The girls were playing with two local girls they met a couple of days ago. The guys were headed out for some night fishing. One of them asked what we were doing at this "locals" beach. ("Not too many people come here, yeah?") When they heard we were BBQ'ing, they perked up. "Lobster would be really great, yeah? We'll bring you some if we catch any!"

Well, it was already dark, and we're strangers, plus they were just heading out, so I wasn't holding out much hope.

What a wonderful surprise, then, to answer the door as we were wrapping up our evening. (It was a Kauai greeting - a Jeep pulled up outside the screen house and someone hollered, "Hey?") There was Ron, the local guy, with a bag. "Sorry we're so late! We didn't get much." But here's dinner for the whole family tomorrow night - and cooking instructions. Mmmmm.... Mahalo nui!

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