Saturday, June 12, 2010

Want a Pony Ride, Little Girl?

I've used this blog space largely to share our family adventures and my views on homeschooling and some random rants. I hope the information I've shared here has helped other families make their own great schooling decisions, plan their own great trips, enjoy a giggle or an outright guffaw.

Now, I'm hoping this blog will help our family turn a dream into reality. YOU can help! It's just a click away! (Yep...I'm asking for help.)

Let me explain.

Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted a horse of my own. Forget pony. I wanted a full-size horse. (What can I say? I'm always looking forward and at my growth rate, I wasn't long for the pony world.) I always imaged I'd settle somewhere with enough space around the house where I could manage to make that dream come true.

Enter my daughters, both of whom have discovered horses and enjoy any time they can find on horseback.

We've thought about acquiring horses and making a go of it, but we live on a .15-acre (that's POINT 15 acre) lot in a homeowners association that doesn't allow small farmyard animals, let alone hay-burning, manure-making modes of transport. Paying someone else to allow us to keep horses inconveniently away from our home doesn't make sense. Plus, we have nowhere here to store a trailer or other matters horse related. (No trailer parking in the street OR in our own driveway, and our side yards are so narrow there's no way a trailer of ANY description can be hidden behind the side fences. I can barely get our trash can to fit through the gate on garbage day.)

So we started looking. And looking. And doing the math. And looking some more. And saving some more. And doing more math.

There are lots of restrictions in our search - chiefly drive-time to work. No change of job is planned to accommodate this move, so the move will have to accommodate the current place of employment. We are in the process of trying to buy a lot outside town here to get the girls some more space (and a living room in which we can better entertain). The lot we're looking at will take a LOT of work, but I'm not afraid of that. In fact, the thought of putting that kind of sweat equity into a place like this thrills me.

But, really, what it all comes down to (besides the will, which is certainly here), is cash. Cold, hard, cash.

I think I've found a way to make this dream possible!



I don't believe I've ever entered a "popularity contest." It's just never been my strong suit. But I came across this contest which basically will give the significant (to us, anyhow) cash prize to whichever entry can garner the most votes! Anyone can vote for any of the entries at any time, and as often as ONCE PER DAY! Come Sept. 6, 2010, the participant with the MOST votes wins!

To find my picture, just click on the "alphabetical" tab and page through to my entry - "Jennifer B." You'll see
<------------- this photo. (And, no, apparently I have no shame, nor pride when it comes to making this family dream come true!) Today, it's on page 8 of the alphabetical list, but it's moving as more people enter. Or try to find it on the leader board under the "most popular" tab. (Today, it's the 11th place entry right there on the front page of the Popular section! Almost to the top!) Then, just click on it and enter your e-mail. They'll send you a confirmation e-mail the first time you vote to make sure you are a real person, so watch your spam filter/box for the confirmation.

If we could win this sweepstakes, it would SURE help in our effort to find some space, which would, in turn, finally allow V to have a dog, E to have a tree in which to swing, me to have that horse and Mr. B to have some peace.

If you have time today, please vote for my photo. If you have a little time tomorrow and the next day, or whenever you log on again, and can vote again, that would be great. Please "share" with all of your friends to expand my voting pool, too!

And if we can pull this all together, we'll gladly give our supporters turns on horseback once we're settled in the new place this big win could mean for us!

Thanks for your support!

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