Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best Family Adventure Summer Hiking Series - Johnson Loop

This summer, the girls and I...wait. I mean I have committed to leading a family friendly outing every Thursday this summer. (The girls, of course, are along for the ride, and the hike, and whatever other adventures we find along the way.) The girls and I used to hike every week, but we've fallen out of that habit in recent years as other obligations (classes, travels, social events) began to fill the calendar. But with the release of each "Best Family Adventure" book I've heard from fans that they'd like to hike more regularly but that they need either the security of a buddy to go with, motivation of a friend on the trail with them, or just someone to show the way. So, when it came up again one late night, I started scheduling.

The first Best Family Adventures Summer Thursday Hike was held on June 3. I chose Johnson Loop south of San Luis Obispo because it's newer than the first edition of "Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County," and I'd heard a fair bit about it. All reports were that it would be a mellow enough loop for a gaggle of kids. Plus, with the print run coming to its end, it's probably time to start researching again for the second edition.

It was incredibly warm (some might even have called it downright hot) right off the bat. But we persevered and celebrated shade when we found it. We had a really nice group show up, and E was particularly enamored with a boy her age who also likes to tell stories and explore. Once they figured out they shared a common interest to talk about along the way, they were off and running.

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