Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Family Adventure Summer Hiking Series - Coon Creek

This week, we gathered at the trailhead for Coon Creek in Montana de Oro State Park. We had a much better showing than last week's Red Rocks hike with most of the families from the first hike returning for another go. I'll attribute largely to Coon Creek's proximity to SLO which is where most of the returning hikers live.

This was a pretty long hike in, largely because we kept stopping - to enjoy blackberries, explore the creek, check out bugs and flowers, and finally to climb our destination oak. We were fortunate that one of the kids pointed out a side trail into the creek. Our play time break gave a couple of additional families who'd arrived at the trailhead later than planned time to catch up.

Most of us made it to the oak tree that is always my final destination on this trail. One had to turn back to make an appointment in town. My girls and I stuck around to enjoy lunch and relax a bit before the quick return straight back to the trailhead.

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