Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best Family Adventure Summer Hiking Series - Poly Canyon

This week's hike was a perfect mix of kid-friendly exploration, great weather and womanly camaraderie. What a fantastic group showed today, including my sister in law and her family who were down for the week from Santa Cruz.

We gathered at the gate to Poly Canyon, then took the stroller-friendly hike up the graded dirt road to the Design Village. There we hefted the super lightweight jogger stroller over the livestock discourager (a path through a curved wall with a turn too tight for most cattle and horses) and carried on to the structures.

The kids had a great time exploring and climbing, picnicking and exploring some more before meeting up with the friendlier set of free range horses. Then we started our trek back down the canyon where we enjoyed some creek exploration before finally calling it a day.

This was a great group, wonderful hike, beautiful weather. We missed some of the families who had joined us before as they enjoyed their own summer travels and look forward to them joining us again in coming weeks.

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