Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best Family Adventure Summer Hiking Series - Red Rocks Swimmin' Hole

After last week's super hot hike just south of SLO, we figured it was time to head for the swimmin' hole - Red Rocks on the Upper Santa Ynez River upstream from Lake Cachuma. It's a relatively long drive from, well, just about anywhere, but the hike is short and the cool water is usually a wonderful reward.

We didn't have a great showing for this hike, which was too bad because it's really a great spot to play. The girls and I waited at the trailhead for awhile, then headed up the river to our favored beach where we enjoyed a picnic before hitting the water.

Unfortunately, last week's temperatures didn't hold out and a cool wind blew up the canyon. It subsided shortly after we met up with a mom and daughter hiking team we'd originally met on our tour of Arroyo Hondo. They had come up from Goleta to join us! We all enjoyed a dip and the girls found some waterlogged logs that were still floating. They joined the logs and climbed aboard to use it as a paddleboard all over the swimming hole. (We hope they're still there when we return.)

The only downside to Red Rocks is that it's a known party place for young, alcohol-driven, trash-throwing partiers. Next time, we're bringing trash bags. I think we could pay for our gas for the trip out with all the recycling we could haul back with us. Very sad.

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