Monday, May 17, 2010

A Week on the Sand - Refugio State Beach

Last week, the girls and I spent five full days out of the car and next to the ocean. I entered the van only once to move it away from the dumpster on garbage day. Otherwise, it was life with two girls, Junior, lots of sand, lots of wind, LOADS of sun and a very large group of homeschooling families.

V had an especially good time. She and a little boy from Santa Cruz made fast friends and spent most of their waking hours together on the sand hunting for crabs and other creatures or building sand forts. They rode bikes and scooters together, climbed trees, played cards, ate and talked up a storm. She and I enjoyed a couple of hours out kayaking. If it weren't for the wet insertion point (thanks to even the tiniest waves), she probably would have headed out again after lunch.

E enjoyed being around so many kids, particularly the games like Red Rover which included kids of all ages playing together. She spent a lot of time in the trees, a bit of time on the sand, and hardly any time reading. (QUITE a thing for my little bookworm.) Singing around the campfire was another big hit with her.

The beach here is splendid. Little waves, a nice long break on the west end of the cove, soft, warm sand. But if you're planning to visit, you should also know it can be very windy. (The group lost at least one tent to heavy winds our second-to-last night, and a few families to wind-driven allergies.) You should also know that you may not be lulled to sleep by the ocean, but rather kept well aware of the campground's proximity to Highway 101/US 1 and the railroad tracks.

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  1. what great photos--looks like a fabulous time. Memories made, for sure!


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