Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Good Press and Santa Claus

After a week spent away from the computer, the telephone and all things electronic (more on that to follow), we returned to civilization today to find some great surprises for Best Family Adventures.

First, I picked up a copy of the Santa Barbara Independent while swinging into town for our post-camping ice cream. Lo and behold, this week's edition included a nice review of the new book! Our first publicity in Santa Barbara! (I'll tell you, Santa Barbara media is a tough nut to crack! Review copies of books, calls, e-mails, letters - only the Santa Barbara Independent has responded. SO thankful for their coverage.)

Then made my way to the Internet after the girls settled into bed. Here I found, among the hundreds of e-mails (egads!), a Google News link to the book's inclusion on one of Santa's blogs. No idea who maintains this site, but glad to be included on Santa's list. (Turns out the fat man in the red suit has LOTS of blogs...busy guy!)

Also got our first order from the two-fer deal I posted on the website just before we left town. Given the locality and profession of the person who placed the order, I suspect some promotion from my mom may have had something to do with it. She is, by far, the books' number one promoter! (Thanks again, Mom!)

It's fun researching and writing these books, but I confess we're now down to hard work. Books don't sell unless people hear about them. Word of mouth is KEY. So...I just keep on talkin'!

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