Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Night Out , Civil War Ball style

Several weeks ago, our family enjoyed our first Civil War Ball. The dances were all called, the company was pleasant, the music was fun and the evening was full of laughs. So much fun was had by all that even those less inclined to dance (particularly in public) began talking about "next time" before we'd even left the premises.

So, this weekend we traveled north to Atascadero for another dance organized by the same woman. (You can find out all about the next ball, the requirements and further details here.) This time, we were treated to live music and some new dances, including an Appalachian dance which was probably among the most fun both to dance and to call. (The caller gets to wing it entirely, so dancers HAVE to listen to keep it together, plus there were some visually appealing steps.)

The most relaxing and fun-filled dance for me, however, was one to which I had paid absolutely NO attention to the directions. I was sidelined, you see, due to lack of a partner (Mr. B was dancing with V) and a need for a water break. But part way through the dance, one of the dancers blew out her dress (for the third time - poor thing) and the quadrille was one dancer short. I was waved in off the bench, then talked through the dance. Super funny, and a good time.

The next dance is in June in Santa Maria, then we'll have to hold off 'til December. I wonder if E's dress will be finished by the June dance...I'm working on learning button holes. Ah...the things we learn for our kids! :)

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  1. If you like Contra Dancing, there is a central coast group that meets regularly. No costumes needed!


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