Friday, March 26, 2010

When Kids Guide Themselves

Last night as we discussed today's proposed activities, E announced that she planned to make a wallet today. OK. Sounds good to me.

Sure enough, after breakfast, morning chores, some work on math, spelling, cursive and creative writing, E turned to her sewing table where she worked for most of the rest of the morning on this project.

I've talked to her about measuring for any given project, but sometimes you just have to learn through your own mistakes. While I gardened and played with V, E worked away, cutting, sewing, ripping and sewing some more. No pattern; just what came to her. I was very surprised at the level of detail she included. This is by far the most detailed utilitarian product she's created so far.

Alas, the pockets were too small for a typical gift card or library card. Rather than allow her to tally it up as a total loss, I explained the concept of prototypes to her. I hope she does return to the project again, sooner rather than later. I AM learning that with things like this, it's best if she does it of her own accord.

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  1. Hey, I think she did pretty good for a first shot! I agree with letting the kids "run" with their own projects- what a great learning experience!


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