Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Glitches Repaired - UPDATE

Well, I'm QUITE behind on sharing photos, which means I also haven't done a great job keeping you posted on our fun activities here at Best Family Academy. Over the past 10 weeks since the external hard drive and my computer stopped talking, here's a brief, pictorial rundown of what we've done.

Camped at Lopez Lake with friends. (Gotta love California winters.)

Hung out in the Oaks (of the Elfin variety).

Worked on the trailer - V helped me re-screen all the windows (so easy a 7 year old can do it!), plus I replaced the window latches so they'll open AND close again, and I filled the void on floor of every cabinet with a bit of foam

Enjoyed the wonderful peace and quiet only a 9-hour power outage on a stormy day can provide:

Took a walk on Old Port San Luis pier after the storm:

Built a dog house:

Enjoyed the fire on rainy days:

Visited the beach on sunny days:

Enjoyed the company of friends:

And family:

Published a book:

Studied and followed the Iditarod:

Exercised our creativity:

Hike with friends to Nojoqui Falls:

Hit the slopes:

Hiked Montana de Oro:

Celebrated special deliveries:

And found the season's first wildflowers:

That about sums it up. Oh yeah. There was garden work and plenty of other stuff going on. But what about you? What have you been up to?

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  1. We... That sure sums it up! Looks like a lot has been going on, and it all looks like a lot of fun, too!


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