Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stepping Back in Time - Lompoc Renaissance Festival

This weekend, we enjoyed a family day out at the Lompoc Renaissance Festival. In past, we've enjoyed visiting the AMAZING Colorado Renaissance Festival (complete with its own permanent home with stick-built structures) and the Central Coast Ren Fest (nice, complete with joust, but always so incredibly hot, dusty and crowded). It was time to try out the local fĂȘte, now in its second year.

This festival was super low key. I really liked how accessible the players were. (E was asked to join in the dancing within minutes of our arrival. And we later enjoyed a walk with royalty to the archery field.) And the spring weather made for a marvelous day enjoying the non-stop entertainment on the schedule stage as well as by musicians and players throughout the grounds. Period instrumentalists, vocalists and not-so-period players all presented with purpose here - good, relatively clean (beware the bawdy) fun.

Note to anyone considering attending one of these festivals for the first time: bring cash. We tried to go it cheap, but still managed to spend 80 bucks - that was with the canned food donations to keep our admission fee down and a shared meal between us, one shared treat, one game for each girl and no trinkets to take home (except the gift of a dragon tear for E from one of the Queen's ladies in waiting).

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