Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dolly Parton's Giving Away Books!

There's something about having books in the house that turns children toward reading. Sure, we can check them out from the library, then return them and keep the house spotless, but if there are books lying around, children will, eventually, flip through them. If someone (a parent, a sibling, a friend) reads to those children, they're more likely to take up reading themselves. If others in the household model reading, children are more likely to do it joyously and voluntarily.

But not everyone can afford to have books for their kids, even at used bookstore prices. That's where Dolly Parton is stepping in! Preschool age children receive a free book every month until they begin kindergarten. Books begin with "The Little Engine That Could" and wrap up with "Kindergarten, Here I Come!" There's NO COST to families taking part in the program. The only commitment - "Read to your child." (Oh, and keep them updated on any mailing address changes so those books keep comin'.)

I just read about this at Northern Santa Barbara County Parent, and wanted to help spread the word. While the NSBC Parent site refers to the local program sponsored by the Central Coast Untied Way, the singer's national program may extend to YOUR neighborhood. Just follow this link, then enter you ZIP code to find out if your community qualifies.

This sounds like a great program, particularly for low-income families who cannot afford to buy books for their preschoolers, and those who don't live within striking distance of a good children's library section! If you know anyone who might benefit from this, but doesn't have internet access or has language barriers, perhaps you can volunteer to help them get registered.

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  1. We went to one of her 'shows' in TN last November. My two little ones got to be 'in' the show and received a book each. I didn't realise her program extended beyond TN - that's great!


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