Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soccer - a new experience for us all

When I signed up the girls for soccer last spring, I didn't know it was a FALL sport! I assumed registration took place in the days, or perhaps weeks, before the season began. So I was surprised to learn the check I'd handed over was for a sport that wouldn't begin for another five months. Still, V had declared soccer as HER THING after only two weeks in a city rec class, so we were in for the duration.

Unfortunately, we'd already planned our autumn trip around E's dance recital and other late summer activities that had already been lined up, so we stuck with out travel plans and split town after just three weeks of practice.

This week, we squeaked home with just 10 minutes to spare before V's Wednesday practice. E got in another practice with her team Thursday, and today was each of the girl's first game. Considering the girls still have an amazing lack of knowledge about the sport, they did well, and most importantly they both had a good time in spite of the hot weather and confusion that comes with field organization, mud issues, and everyday soccer mayhem. (And I thought pool time was tough to juggle - imagine 1,400 kids playing in a league that serves a community with one public parks and only a handful of school grounds, and one of those fields being damaged the night before game day. WHEW!)

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  1. Jenni, what great pictures of the kids and soccer team! I can tell they are very much enjoying themselves! They grow up so fast don't they?!


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