Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brigham City - Where Everything is Just Peachy

Parades, festival food, arts n' crafts booths, rides and carnies - everything you need for a memorable festival. The kids had a blast with their unlimited ride wristbands, though the crowds grew to incredible proportions for such a small town. By 4 p.m., the wait for the Ferris wheel was 30 minutes, so we headed in for a break from the heat and the crowds. When we returned after dinnertime (and nearly dark), that line had tripled in length. We waited half an hour for the "trucks on a track" ride, but the girls opted to watch the hypnotist's act rather than wait in line. (FYI: Hypnotist = good, corny, family fun)

Our cousin met us at the show, and we enjoyed a wonderful late evening bowl of peach cobbler on the city hall lawn. Great thing about hot days? Warm nights.

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