Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chores, Dogs and Thousands of Acres

For those receiving e-mail versions of this update, please note there ARE photos available on the blog site.

Life on the ranch is probably tough, perhaps even mundane, when these chores, these daily routines, continue for a year, or a decade, or a lifetime. But for we city folk with a love for animals and open spaces and no fear of getting our hands dirty, the ranch outside Bridgeport is a wonderful escape. The chores are adventures. The errands entertaining. And the hosts are amazingly warm.

Each year, the girls enjoy playing with the Pomeranian puppies, leash training them and socializing them before they find new homes and families. This "chore" is an easy one after morning chores (goat milking, egg gathering, animal feeding) are finished and rising temperatures call for a shady break.

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