Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heck of a Treehouse - Ogden's Children's Museum

Today the girls and I decided to venture out to Ogden to check out the Treehouse. This children's museum has been on my radar for a couple of years, but our last visit wasn't long enough to warrant a day at a children's museum. This time, however, we were ready to check it out.

Since the girls are getting older, I wasn't sure how long they'd last, particularly E. So I figured a couple of hours here, then we'd move on to the Dinosaur Park. The Treehouse, however, was a pleasant surprise - a wonderful children's museum with a focus on reading. The two-story, entirely hands-on museum is divided into several areas, each of which includes not only a specific theme for play, but related books on hand for kids and their grownups to enjoy while exploring the museum. The farm and barn area includes classic and new picture books related to farm animals, farm life and pioneer history. The Britain room includes, among other things, Alice in Wonderland dress-up clothes, Pooh and Beatrix Potter books and a wizard's desk offering a trail of riddles for young readers. A giant man-made tree in the center of the museum provides another play area, and stairs up the trunk provide secondary access to the second story. In the end, we spent 4 and a half hours here; we closed the place. A great stop that would be particularly ideal for families with small children looking for somewhere to entertain the kids on the coldest, darkest winter days.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk along Ogden's "Pioneer Trail" to see Ogden's Horses. This part of town wasn't really a spot I explored much when I lived here because it was kind of a scary neighborhood, but the city has done a lot to revitalize the area. This public art project includes two dozen horse sculptures, each decorated by a different artist. V was particularly thrilled with this art installation, and drove us forward block after block as she ran from one horse to the next. I particularly enjoyed the cleverly titled works, though some were wonderful for their artistry. I think we missed a couple further down one block, but there was a crowd there gathered near some ambulances. I decided it wasn't really appropriate to add to the mayhem there.

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  1. I knew there was painted horses but I didn't know there was that many. Looks like you guys had a blast today.

  2. I'm enjoying seeing so many pictures of your happy girls!
    Jennifer, would you send me a copy of the photo of the musical instruments at the Treehouse Museum? I'm on the lookout for ideas for our our school yard!
    Have a sunny day!
    Robin Palmerston


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