Friday, September 11, 2009

Shoes Found - Iceberg Makes It Worthwhile

For the record, the shoes weren't IN the car after all. In fact, they were on a front porch in Salt Lake City, so we took another trip down to pick them up. Sure, we could have run down to the shoe store and bought a new pair, but I think that sends an entirely wrong message: why be responsible when you can just buy another one? We're not made of money, for one thing, but even if we were, seems ridiculously wasteful.

To make the trip south more worthwhile for me, at least, we stopped by the original Iceberg Drive-in for an ice cream treat akin to Ted Drewes on Route 66 out of St. Louis, MO. The "shakes" are blended ice cream with any of a variety of flavors or candies or fruits added in. They're ridiculously large (the one pictured is the "regular"), super sweet and scrumptious for a hot day's drive.

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