Friday, September 5, 2008

North Dakota's Badlands

August 29, 2008

This morning we explored the park, including the entire loop road around the park, various pull outs and a one-mile nature loop trail hike. It’s a beautiful place, somewhat like Canyonlands but on a MUCH smaller scale and without all the color. But it had a greater variety of wildlife than I believe we’ve seen in any other park. We saw elk, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, wild horses and caught a horned toad, garter snake and frogs.

Through Dad we were able to get in touch with Kathy’s friend, Celeste, in Nebraska. I was hoping she might show us around Kathy’s old stomping grounds or at least point us in the right direction as we passed through the area. I’d set aside one day for this. But she invited us to stay on the ranch, enjoy the horses (55 of them), help with the goats and dogs and generally make ourselves at home. Well, how could we resist?

So today we started booking south so we’ll have time to play on the farm. We found a camp in Wyoming’s Black Hills (no, not a typo…the northernmost Black Hills are in Wyoming) and called it a day.

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