Friday, September 5, 2008

Farm life here we come!

August 31, 2008

The lake was, in fact, shallow for a good 50 feet from shore. It’s a fantastic spot for boating campers, many of whom anchored just offshore, or ran their personal watercraft up onto shore for the night. The folks were friendly, and we enjoyed a nice dip before heading east into Nebraska where we were welcomed by Celeste & Bob Rodgers.

Bob & Celeste were good friends of Kathy’s when she lived here near Bridgeport. Norman managed the Miller place back then, and up until recent years the Rodgers ran cattle and otherwise farmed on the Miller place, their own sections and Coulter sections to the north and east. That’s a lot of land! These days, they’re sizing down and enjoying a quieter life managing fewer cattle, growing wheat, millet and alfalfa (this season), and raising horses for saddle and wagons.

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