Friday, September 5, 2008

Miller Place

September 3, 2008
The girls joyfully awoke to complete their chores today. E milked the most prolific nanny (3/4 gallon) by herself while V and Celeste finished off the rest.

We had hoped to take a wagon ride out to the Miller place where Kathy lived, but we were having a tough time getting in touch with the new owners, who keep the property under lock and key. So we opted to ride down to another creek, run through a cornfield, have a picnic, then return home. But as we headed out, the owner of the property happened to come up the county road! We turned around and headed back toward the Millers’ after he agreed to open the gate for us.

The wagon we first took out had car tires. As we passed the Rodgers place heading BACK toward Millers’, we discovered a VERY low (ok…nearly flat) tire, so we headed in and traded wagons. Then it was off for an 8-mile wagon ride to the place, the Picnic Grounds along the creek, the Nunn place (tiny rock home that once housed an 11-member family), and fantastic scenery. What a day! Riding in the wagon was so relaxing! We traveled along, but not so fast that we could miss anything. It was easy to stop and get out along the way, the hop back in and carry on. And Bob tended to off road it a bit. He’s been driving these wagons for a while, it was clear!  The girls and I each had turns driving, too. What a kick!

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  1. I am enjoying your blog so much!!! Have fun and take care!!


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