Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Armadillos and other thoughts

Did I mention the armadillos? Nope. So, who knew there were armadillos in Missouri! Here we are, cruising through the Ozarks, picking up (and putting down) countless turtles, frogs and various and sundry insects and what do we see alongside the road (sadly, dead) today? EIGHT armadillos over the course of some 100 miles. Hope to see a live one some time…perhaps they’ll tiptoe through camp before we hit the hay some evening.

Did the math today…if we were to spend just one month in each state, it’d take us more than four years! Easy math, but not something I’ve ever really thought about ‘til today. And if you only vacation one month per year, at a rate of one state per year, well, I may not be traveling that long! And what about the REST of the world? There’s never enough time.

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  1. Hey Ladies. I finally got the link to the blog and started reading today. I started from the rebuild of the trailer and then I got to around Aug 6 and thought, "Hey, I oughta read the most recent so I can keep up with what's current." So, I'll keep whittlin away at the past while I stay posted. You guys are having a great time! I'm jealous. Really jealous. Turning green, even. Stay safe and have fun.


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