Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stunt Driving School? Oh yeah!

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Be forewarned: I've graduated from Bobby Ore Stunt Driving School!

OK, I've passed the first course, but rest assured catching a ride with me will never be the same! I've learned to drive with some finesse AND control. I'm better at slalom (both forward and reverse), can spin the car 180 degrees at the drop of a hat, and learned some techniques that could even make parallel parking interesting in future. I don't even hold the steering wheel the same way I used to!

I see you there with your contorted face. I hear those wheels turning in your head.


Yup - the Big Gift for the Big Birthday was a three-day stunt driving (or as V says, "skunk car driving") course with legendary Bobby Ore and his crew including stuntwoman Gail Bowen and stuntman Jim Wilkey. I wasn't sure WHAT to expect, but I'll tell you what...learning to spin a car on its axis is a kick in the pants!

Stunt driving school is just what it sounds like, but more challenging because it all has to be SPOT ON! Hit a cone and figure you've just hit a movie camera or, worse, an extra. Go off the course and figure you've just plunged off the road you had been driving. This is what it looked like by the end of the day. (No one in the group had a video cam, but this is what we did to earn our stripes...er...shirts.)

Of course, I was the only student to show up on a bike. (Mr. B and the girls slept in well past our 7:30 a.m. start time 5 miles from the hotel, so it was bike or walk.) I enjoyed a nice ride, then scored rides in my fellow students' cars. So here was the lineup at the student parking lot:

BMW Mini Cooper - super cute, with black stripes and sunroof

BMW Z4 Coupe - Comfy and fast

Mercedes CL65 - Oh...My...HEAVENS! Talk about LUXURIOUS!

Lotus Elise - Thanks, Jose, for so generously allow me (and Chris and Jeanette and Bobby and Gail and Jim) to drive your beautiful car. NOW I get it! (E and V enjoyed their time in the driver's seat as well.)

My ride - ummm... Bobby immediately dubbed me "Bicycle Weirdo" and we moved on! :)

So, if I didn't return your phone calls or e-mails as promptly as usual these past few days, please excuse me.

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