Monday, July 21, 2008

Another day, another water park

Wouldn't you know that just as good friends get back into town, WE'D be heading out!? Isn't that always the way?

So, we've been spending as much time as we can with the family around the corner. They've been out of town for two years. They're home for six months, then will head back out again. Of course, we'll be gone for two of those months, and they're spending some of their time "home" traveling to visit family in the States before heading back to the rainforest for another year.

Today, we carpooled to Lompoc to enjoy the Lompoc Aquatic Center. Now THIS is a great deal! Three pools, two hours, $2 per kid, $3 per adult. The pools include a lap pool of decent temperature for rigorous exercise, a toddler pool of pretty nice, warm temperature (and complete with play structure) that runs into a larger pool with its own Big Kid water slide. Then there's the 90-degree (no exaggeration) therapy pool. All of this inside a building with a roof that retracts on truly gorgeous days.

So, while I enjoyed The Ravine in Paso to some extent, at $60/day entry fee for a family of four and NO outside beverages or foods allowed (they check your bags) it doesn't stand a chance if compared with the Lompoc facility ($10/session for same family). Perhaps when the girls are bigger, and WILLING to go on the big slides the tune will change, but for now we'll stick with Lompoc. (Plus, gas is only $4.28/gallon there...30 cents/gallon cheaper than here!)

As for trip plans, I'm working on uploading important stuff now (like music and stories) to the laptop for use with the iPod throughout our journey. Plan on laundry in the next couple of days, then packing (oh, and groceries) and that'll be it. Too weird to think it's finally almost here!

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