Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plumbing and fittings and cushions, OH MY!

It seemed like such a simple task: buy the missing pieces and put the on-board water system back together. R-i-i-i-ght! The girls and I spent two days toodling around town in search of what I thought were simple plumbing parts: hoses, clamps, fittings. Turns out part of the challenge was that no two holes on this water tank are the same size. Go figure! After stopping in to our local RV store (absolute jerks), and several hardware stores we ran into "Royce" in the plumbing department at our final hardware stop. He was tremendously helpful and in no time I had the plumbing installed.

Then I pulled the hand pump. The siphoning began. I could hear water coming up the hose. And then... nothing! The pump crapped out even before one drop of water found its way to the spigot! ARGH!

Is it a faulty pump? Are these hand pumps just crap to begin with? Should I return it to the aforementioned jerks at the RV store for refund, or exchange (maybe I just have a dud)?

Time to move on.

The lights inside weren't working when we brought the trailer home, but, when plugged in to the house, the two outlets in the trailer functioned. Mr. B mentioned that the bulbs looked like car bulbs. What a SMART GUY! Hooked up the loose wires in the cabinet to the battery (after a good charging session) and, VIOLA, lights!

I got the nerve up to try the propane system today. Two of the three burners work. It sounds like the third valve opens, but the burner just won't QUITE light. It flickers a bit, but that's it. I had just tested the windows for leaks (A-OK there), so the propane tank was wet when I turned it on. There's a leak at the handle (it's an old tank) and a leak at the regulator. Two more things to add to the replacement list.

The hitch is on its way. I thought I might have it done locally, but Dad's volunteered to help me install it. Then we'll get greasy with the repacking of wheel bearings.

Oh, and as for the the homespun reupholstering project, I built up the courage to cut the fabric but, fearing failure, have put off attempting the 36" zippers (I haven't had the greatest luck with the few zippers I've ever installed) and carrying on with that end of the project.

Maybe after Independence Day... :)

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