Friday, July 18, 2008

ALMOST there!

Well, I ALMOST made that self-imposed "all systems go" deadline of Monday, but I'm ONE PIECE SHORT on the self contained water system (hope to pick it up today), and need to strap down the tank so it won't bounce around. THEN we can finally get packin'!

Meanwhile, I've completed the cushion covers and curtains and we've taken a test drive over Cuesta Grade. The trailer follows really nicely.

First trailer lesson learned: the dolly wheel on the front of the trailer (at the bottom of the jack) has to be removed before hitting the road. I crushed the old one, probably going in and out of a driveway since I can't think of any big bumps we went over on our paved journey. My new wheel has a quick release for easy removal and stashing as we pack up and roll.

An artistically talented friend whose daughter shares E's birthday helped us plan and paint the back of the trailer. Watch here for photos in the next coupla days or so.

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