Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today I spent the better part of two hours rewiring the taillights and marker lights on Junior. I noticed when we plugged Junior in to the van that the brake lights were the dim filament and the taillights were bright. I wanted it the other way around for safety sake. The marker lights were hit and miss: two of them didn't function at all; two of them operated only one of two bulbs. Turns out the kid hadn't ever completed his wiring of the markers - they needed ground. DONE!

This was a great project for the girls, too. We talked about complete circuits and they ran back and forth between the brake pedal and the light assemblies to help determine which wire configuration would work. They also made lunch while I completed the project.

After stops at multiple hardware stores in search of the right hose for the propane system I finally resorted to shopping for it online. Took me less than 5 minutes to locate it, another 5 to get the order completed. I like to support local businesses, but it's too often too tough to find the goods when we get down to details!

Our kitty has been helping me with the cushion cover project. All 8 cushions are now covered (four bottom pieces, four back rests) with the exception of the final side which ultimately will have Velcro closures rather than the zippers initially planned. (I'm terrible at zipper installation, and Velcro may hang in longer than zippers...or not!) ;)

I hope to have all these internal systems up and running before Monday.

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  1. I love following your camper renovation fun!

    I'm picking up a Dutch oven (yay for Craigslist!) today for $20...never been used!! I can't wait to use it when the fam goes camping at Huntington in Aug. Good times!


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