Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mystery Solved

The first thing I checked when I found the freezer snowing whether or not the door was sealing. It was closing and sealing just fine, and there didn't seem to be anything blocking it open.

Well, when Mr. B came home I told him about the snow. He had the answer. After I'd gone to bed the previous night, he'd had ice cream and the container had held the door open. He discovered the open freezer door in the morning, before the girls and I were up, and closed it after cleaning out quite a drift. By midday when I opened the door, the remaining snow was just swirling around in there.

All's back to normal today. Too bad! ;)

Actually, I'm REALLY glad it wasn't a sing of a fridge on the fritz. A refrigerator isn't exactly the kind of birthday present I was going for. Then again, I'm an adult now. I suppose these are just the kinds of gifts we should enjoy...right? ;)

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