Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

We play lots of games and do other car-friendly activities in the car while we travel. Some of them include:
- license plate game (find one from each state)
- alphabet game (find the letters from the alphabet, in order or reverse order, on anything outside the car)
- "I'm going to a picnic..." (each person adds something to the alphabetical list)
- car Bingo (spot predetermined sights along the route 'til you complete your Bingo card)
- singing
- reading aloud
- drawing or writing in our trip journals

Another traveling friend recently added some items for our Bingo card, though we'll likely use it as a scavenger hunt as she proposed. You may tailor YOUR list to fit your destination. Here are some ideas:

> orange cone
> call box
> "no U-Turn" sign
> tow truck (bonus if it is towing a vehicle)
> 18 wheeler
> El Camino Real marker (bells)
> bridge
> people on an overpass
> fire truck
> rainbow
> gas station sign
> hotel sign
> click it or ticket sign
> palm tree
> off shore oil rig
> California Historical Landmark sign
> antenna ball
> magnetic ribbon
> personalized license plate
> flag
> barn
> farm

She also sent along this link for a MORE involved scavenger hunt. Some personal favorites from the list:
> foam dice
> "wash me" written in dust in a window
> duct tape holding a part of a vehicle together
> spinner wheels
> hood ornament that does not belong on that vehicle
> four or more women only in one car
> four or more men only in one car
> dog in passenger seat in front and human in backseat
> two nerds from central casting
> driver playing a musical instrument
> driver playing a musical instrument while steering with their knees
> two people on cell phones in one vehicle
> conducting music
> playing air guitar or drums
> people taking pictures of themselves by road sign

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