Saturday, June 21, 2008

110 degrees?!

Oh...My...Heavens! It's hot around here!

Today it was 109 degrees in Santa Maria, breaking the 108 record that dated back to 1929! UNbelievable! Our average high for this time of year is in the mid-70s, but we were well past that by the time the girls and I hit the door for our morning fulfilling our docent duties at the Natural History Museum of Santa Maria.

Mr. B was off work today, so I went for a midday swim with my Masters buddies. The rec. desk was having a tough time keeping up with the line of people trying to get in: one cash register, 600 people waiting to get in. Fortunately, those who held annual passes marched right in the front door and scanned themselves in at the neeto-guido scanning device.

But then there was the BBQ! Yep, just after the peak of high temps we had a retirement BBQ to attend at Pioneer Park. I was DREADING it, but Mr. B came up with a fab plan: bring the Elmo sprinkler and our short hose from home! What a difference running through the sprinklers can make. Shy? Not us! And I do believe we were the most comfortable people lounging under the oaks where it was still well into the 90s. :)

As I was driving myself to the pool, I found myself complaining (quietly to myself) about the heat. I had to laugh, though, because I often regret that the weather here is usually the same day in and day out. least today offered a change!

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